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Quiet On The Set! Mentone, AL - Oct, 1997 - I spent a week on the set of a new movie, entitled "Southern Heart." The film, starring Peter DeLouise and Jamie Collins, is a light comedy set in present-day northeastern Alabama, a most beautiful spot, especially in the Autumn. I played a bit part, portraying a musician in a restaurant dinner scene, and performed a "live" version of my song "Love Is Blind" from The Dreamer. Two other of "The Dreamer" tunes, "Think About It" and "Snowflake" were also included in the soundtrack. A CD release of all the music from the film is underway. No release date is set for either the film or the CD, but both are expected later this year.

1999 Update: the film, "Southern Heart" has been released in Europe, following several very successful preview showings in the States. Plans for the CD soundtrack, however, have been abandoned.  Look for the film to be available on video sometime "soon"...

2001 Update: Finally!  The movie has been released on video (VHS) and is available for order directly from the producers.  It should be at Amazon and other outlets in the coming months, but if you'd like to get a copy now (it's reasonably priced) click here.  Three of my songs were used in the film.  One came directly from "The Dreamer" CD and two others were specifically re-recorded (in the personal studio of one of the boys from "Alabama") during the week I was on the set.  It's a good film, light-hearted, and of course the music is awesome.

2004 Update: Had a nice surprise in the mail from ASCAP the other day... a royalty check from a TV broadcast of "Southern Heart" in the Czech Republic in 2002.  These are the first "surveyed" royalties I've received on these songs.  Actually, on *any* songs.  All previous payments came in the form of the "special award" for the jukebox, bar, and restaurant playback I got when I was living and working in New York.  So, from me to the great folks in the Czech Republic: THANKS!!

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