Photo by Stephen J. Appel

Thom Rayne Honors & Quotes


  1999 Billboard Song Contest 3rd Place (country/folk)
  1999 South Florida Folk Festival Finalist
  1998 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival New Artist Showcase
  1998 Kerrville "New Folk" Finalist
  1998 South Florida Folk Festival Finalist
  1997 Kerrville "New Folk" Finalist

Here's What They're Saying!

"Bright, refreshing and clearly stated observations and philosophy of today set to today's music by a talented and attractive artist who should accrue a huge following."
--- Rod Kennedy, founder/producer Kerrville Folk Festival

"Thom Rayne writes a good song, with interesting music and lyrics that say something.
And he sings it well, too."
--- Rod MacDonald

"His voice and guitar work -- both reminiscent of James Taylor -- just filled the room with warmth and good vibes. Rayne's self-produced album is largely comprised of easy-tempoed tunes, the stuff of fireplace evenings, of Sunday family dinners songs some, others more general commentary about life and the way things are."
--- Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin

"Rayne emerges on this CD as a fully developed presence with a finely honed and distinctive sound."
--- Ithaca Times

"Brilliant! One great song after another! One of the best albums of 1996!"
--- Gene Ira Katz, State Theatre Radio Show (I-100 FM)

"Great voice and excellent guitar work. A sure hit!"
--- Jerry Lavallee, Unplugged Performances

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